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KiokuDB: Persistent Object Graphs for Perl

KiokuDB is a Moose based object oriented persistence frontend for a number of storage backends.

KiokuDB focuses on predictability and transparency, providing quick, easy and noninvasive persistence while minimising the undesired surprises caused by naive serialization approaches.

The project builds on Moose's metaprogramming, Search::GIN's indexing, and preexisting database technologies such as Berkeley DB for high performance and robust transactional storage.

An architectural overview is available on this site.


KiokuDB is installed like any Perl module, from CPAN:

% cpanm KiokuDB

Perl 5.10 (at least) is recommended for performance and stability, while the minimum supported version is Perl 5.8.

There is a quickstart bundle that installs the Kioku core as well as optional components (e.g. the Berkeley DB backend) depending on library availability:

% cpanm Task::KiokuDB